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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Perhaps the biggest strength of Shirley Frimpong Manso’s movie-making is her knack for experimenting with unique and unpredictable storylines.  In her latest flick, “6 Hours to Christmas,” she again sets viewers on the roller coaster ride of laughter, suspense,a fair amount of pain and an inevitable sympathy for its lead characters, on the road to [yes you guessed right!] an unpredictable finale.

It tells the story of a man, his decisions and perhaps fate.  The movie opens with Reggie [Chris Attoh] and his girlfriend, Akos [Marian Lempogo] in an intimate entanglement emanating from activities only left to the viewers’ imagination. This where we are introduced to the voice of Chris, as narrator, whose importance to the story becomes more apparent as the plot reaches a climax. With his help we come to realize that it is the morning of Christmas Eve, and that theirs is a healthy relationship with very little to offer in the way of excitement.

During their moment of bliss, erotic plans are made for later that night, with the girlfriend promising dinner and little more than just fireworks on the stroke of midnight.

As it goes, very few things ever turn out as planned; and when the sexy but seemingly wily, Pebbles [Damilola Adegbite] makes him an offer few men can afford to refuse, the stage is set for an interesting 6hours to Christmas.

Viewers familiar with hit TV. Series, 24, would recognise the high octane action and adrenaline rush that comes with a plot that is time regulated. All the scenes in 6 Hours to Christmas occur within a period of 24 hours before Christmas Day, though, the plot becomes most intriguing when Reggie falls for Pebbles’ bait and takes her to her apartment. They arrived at 1800 hours; exactly 6 hours to Christmas.

Most of the scenes take place within Pebbles’ apartment playing between the living room to the bedroom and the bathroom.  This is where Shirley shows class as director; choosing to employ variations of camera angles as well as emotions in her characters. The scenes and rollercoaster ride of emotions are so surreal that before long viewers find themselves unconsciously sharing in these emotions.  It is overtly funny when Pebbles, tells Reggie in a bedroom scene, “I actually thought you would be bigger than this” to which he retorts, “Perhaps it is because you are too wide.”

However in a scene where death occurs and a “healthy” relationship is threatened by Reggie’s actions [or in-actions], the audience mourn with the lead characters.

The dialogue is humorous and an obvious attempt is made at not coming across as corny.  That, this plot is of the dark humor genre is hardly lost on the viewer.

With such a complex plot and very simple set, the onus was obviously on the lead characters to make the most of everything they had. They do not disappoint.

 In her first feature film, Damilola Adegbite, who plays “Telema” in hit MNET series “TINSEL,” plays opposite Tinsel cast mate, Chris Attoh.  The two exhibits a certain a on-screen chemistry that contributes immensely to the success of the plot.
 Chris also handles the stunts and music coordination for the movie. Nii Odoi Mensah, Benny Ashun and Marian Lempogo also feature notably in the movie.

Sena Tsikata makes a refreshing comeback after her impressive performances on the small screen as 'Marcia' in “Things we do for Love”.

Upcoming producer, EL’s performance on the music score is nothing short of remarkable. Reflecting the mood of characters at each particular time, he switches melodiously between, highlife Kwabena Kwabena, to slow jam, Jon Germain and many more wrapping up interestingly with “Yaaro” by Richie.

As for the finale?; Shirley pulls out another surprise from her bag of surprise endings and leaves audiences enthralled and wondering; .................. as always.

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