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Sunday, October 31, 2010

FROM THE ARCHIVES : SEXIEST MALE ACTS IN GH.................who makes the list?

I wrote this article for the JIVE newspaper [after sampling the views of 200 young and middle aged women on facebook and elsewhere] last year and it caused loads of controversy......just thought i would bring it back because i've got the 2010 edition coming out real soon........... do not hesitate to lemme kno who you think should join this year's list................enjoy

 Sex sells and we all know that. It sells even more when you are adored by female fans and don’t have to try too hard to get them screaming sexy! Haven’t you ever wondered though; which artistes have got the female masses under wraps; and is sure to get them wide eyed and bodies tingling any day? Besides, what goes into being considered a sex symbol?

To most ladies I spoke to, the criteria is really yet to be defined when it comes to determining which GH act gets them going. There’s always existed a train of thought that, being a star is the automatic qualification to being a ladies man but in recent times it looks as if the womenfolk are upping the scale on their pick of the sexiest male celebrities. Nowadays before female fans buy into a male artiste as sexy, it is their prerequisite that he must be cute [a very tricky one!], muscular [Notwistanding that he may just be slim], his fashion sense and more practically, how good he is as an artiste.

Well, now that the criterion has been laid down, who are those lucky male acts in the industry who top the list in the exclusive club of the absolutely gorgeous sex symbols for our ladies? Out of the over 200 ladies sampled, this is how the list goes;

TINNY: They nicknamed him, “sexy Tinny,” and with good reason too. It may be his obvious good looks - topped up by his customary short dreads - or his chic wardrobe, but either ways, it seems GH girls can’t get enough of him. For most it has to do with his looks and what they refer to as his confidence and ‘swag.’ Of course the fact that he makes good music is definitely an added attraction.

 ASEM: He calls himself the ‘manager’ and ‘boss player’ and has been known to go on and on about girls of different shapes and sizes; and even though the young ‘prince of hip-hop’ may have found himself in a bit of trouble for using suggestive lines in his music, it looks like the women folk are not in the least bothered by it. Matter of fact, as it turns out, his daring knack for the controversial, is a plus for his sex appeal. His boyish looks and ‘sweet lyrics’ plus some ‘swag’ to boost, are enough reason to love him. One lady put it ever so candidly-“he’s so damn cute!”- His numerous female admirers would definitely agree.

 OKEAME KWAME: GH’s ‘rap doctor’ may have quit bachelorhood quite recently but it sure hasn’t stopped his female admirers from sticking to their favorite pastime. Okyeame Kwame is sleek and has a chic though matured sense of style that apparently goes down well with the womenfolk. In the past he’s been linked with the beautiful actress Nana Ama McBrown and seems to be a favorite of older female fans though he does have quite a number of younger ones feeling him as well, a fact his beautiful bride Annika, would definitely attest to.

He once stated in an interview that he had many ladies after him, and it looks as if he might have been honest after all. The dreadlocked baritone singer has got the ladies tingling to his deep voice and rugged features, it seems. Those who’ve been in closer contact with him, say he’s got his way with the women and has a bit of a sweet tongue to boost as well. The self professed African dancehall king might just be a king in the hearts of his many female admirers as well.
KWAKU T: There’s little doubt in most female minds that GH’s BBA 2 representative is a stunner. He’s also got the cherished boyish good looks plus a definite swag in his step that’s been evident since his days in GIS. His accent may cause a few problems for him with some ladies but for the most part they confess to being totally rattled by him.
 ABORTION (4X4): His crew may have been on the quiet until recently but 4X4’s raga man is definitely still very much on most ladies’ list of GH’s sexiest acts. They say his smile is dynamite, and so is his sharp looks and chic clothing. His artistic abilities aside, the young man has long been considered by many a female, as an absolutely sweet, eye candy!

RICHIE: Last year’s producer of the year is not only cooking up chart topping hits but looks, [unconsciously, I suspect] to be aiding his numerous female admirers in cooking up wild sexual fantasies about him in their minds. According to most ladies, it is his voice that does the trick and perhaps the fact that he comes across as a squeaky clean hot boy!

O.K folks so there you have, the list GH’s hottest sex symbols as determined by the 200 women I sampled in 2009…now the 2010 edition is coming up and so i need you to tell me who’s your pick for the 'SEXIEST MALE ARTISTE IN GH 2010?


  1. nyc piece..luv it! personally i think both Paedae and Mugeez [esp. mugeez] should make it on this year's list they are just sexy eeish!lolz

  2. This is really simple its got to be between Tinny n Samini. All others can only be featured to add up to the mass.


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