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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Set in the Food court of the Accra mall, Rhapsody’s means different things to different people.   For the city's affluent yuppies, it is a haven for high class fun and excitement , especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the boom boxes blast a little louder and a DJ stands above party folks getting them to gyrate to mixes of house, funk and hip-hop music.
To the older businessman/woman, or expat in search of a familiar setting, the lush and comfortable interior with semicircular sofa-banquettes covered in embossed tan leather is the perfect scene for relaxation after a hard day’s work.
For the regular middle class visitor to the mall, who may only know Rhapsody’s as “that expensive spot” inside the Accra; this hotspot remains just that, “that expensive spot” they may never venture to enter.  No matter what group you prefer to place yourself; have you ever wondered if the experience is really worth the hype?
Rhapsody’s restaurant isn’t as basic -- or as inexpensive -- as most of the other places. The cooking is therefore more polished and the physical space more curetted. It isn't as loud either, which means you can have a conversation with friends instead of yelling at them. The relaxed eatery can seat about 100 people comfortably at the counter and half a dozen tables, allowing clients to see the busy parking lot and the yard around the entrance. Walking in, one is sure to catch a whiff of the exotic cuisines from no less than six countries, prepared in the kitchen adjoining the lounge to Rhapsody’s.

The place is managed by South African, Mia, a pretty lady, whose imposing figure and savoir-faire seems to endear her to yuppie lot who frequent this place. I have heard though, of instances where visitors who do not buy anything from the bar or restaurant have been kindly asked to leave the restaurant on the instructions of the manager. No such occurrence here on this day though.
Being a restaurant cum cocktail bar, the ambiance of the dinner room is blended with the relaxed feel of the cocktail bar. I found though, that there is a little discomfort to be felt in eating at a place where numerous passerbies can quite easily look in and watch you gobble down your food!  One can however take comfort in the quality of the crowd in this diner; businessmen, couples and the likes with numerous glitzy folks swarming the waiters as they look for reservations. This place certainly does get busy, especially in the evenings.
The attraction of a place like Rhapsody’s is undoubtedly the buzz and to a certain extent the food does well to compliment it. The starters on this menu make for a mouth watering read; Garlic Escargots, Tempura Prawns, Lebanese Mezeh which is served with fattouch bread and Lebanese salad. Sticking with the familiar, I settled on my favorite Grilled Calamari served with aromatic jasmine rice and peri peri sauce.
For the main course, I ordered  three miniature burgers, the first, a beef classic, then one topped with melted mature cheddar and last of all the spicy Cajun chicken served with fries, which is fondly named “Mighty Bites” on the menu list; and  Mexican corn chips layered with mixed cheese, jalapenos guacamole and accompanied by a spicy salsa. The food took a while in coming amidst incessant apologies from the waitress, trying to save whatever was left of a possible tip.   The food however was quite a delight and seemed well worth the wait.  Then again at GHC41 [plus GHC1 for the tip], I would have felt cheated otherwise.
The food here is predictably expensive with ranges between GHC 12 and GHC 20 for a plate of yam sticks, crambed calamari, mozzarella sticks, Khebab duo, etc. The signature dishes are a bit more expensive with the Avocado & Brie Cheese Fillet, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Beef Espetada among others costing between GHC25 and GHC36. House favorite; the Rhapsody’s Platter Divine goes for GHC42, for a plate of Chicken wings, mini cheese burgers, keftedes deep-fried calamari, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and potato wedges plus sauces to compliment [I have made mental note to get this on my next visit].
I found out however, that Sushi and cocktails go for half price from 10 am to 6pm each day; perhaps in an attempt to increase the midday traffic which apparently pales in comparison to the evenings.
Generally, eating out at Rhapsody’s can be quite a mouth watering experience, especially if you are one willing to tickle your taste buds with exotic cuisines amidst a posh ambiance and  literally prepared to pay the price for it . There is of course, the advantage of mingling with the city’s socialites and the networking opportunities it offers. The service could certainly be better, especially concerning delays in serving food. Credit to the waitresses though, they never fail to be polite about it and apologise.

                                                                                                                                                Rating: ****

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