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Monday, October 11, 2010


The lush and luxurious Hollywood Room at the plush Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre, Osu, played host to the official launch of this year’s 4SYTE Music Video Awards. As would be expected, the event attracted the glitzy and glamorous folks from the music industry including, Praye, the entire Lynx entertainment crew, the paradise Ent. Crew of VIP, MIMI and 4x4, Scizo, Iwan, the overly tattooed Pappi with Killi, a very pregnant looking Caroline, D-Cryme[looking shy as usual!], Jay Town, Sarkodie , MzBel, who conspicuously stayed away from the Paradise Entertainment team all night and many others. Oh! And the numerous Ghana celebrity groupies also turned out in the fly-est best! Ghana’s very best celebrity writers were there as well including the beautiful, Amanda Jissih[a.k.a  Mandy J of Hitz Fm], Ameyaw Debrah[ameyawdebrah.com], Francis Addo [NewsOne/Daily Guide], and Ato Turkson[GTV] among others. Ghanacelebrities.com’s Ebenezer Anangfio was noticeably M.I.A.
4syte TV presenter, Jay Foley hosted the show together with his girlfriend [yes it is true!!!] and regular co-host Jeremie [she should really stop denying it]; and he was not kidding when he assured folks present that they were in for  unarguably the most “funky” official launch event ever.

But as interesting as the show may have been, that did not quite tickle my fancy as the celebrity fashion assemble on display especially as Jeremie made a point to  tag one as the “Best dressed on the night”

Here we bring to you  find our own list of the Best and worst dressed show boys and girls on the night.

Starting with……………………

In no particular order;

Honestly, Miss Divalish might want to adhere to advice and spend some of her money on the the services of a stylist. Her glittering black one piece dress[I mean that literally!], may have been just the right size to reveal her hips but when you’ve got a tummy like hers, you might want to go in for something that doesn’t make it so obvious…… plus she might want to work on her hair as well the next time..it was a little out of sorts. Still love you DIVALISH whiles we wait for our version of the “Shayo video” mmuah!!!

 Praye Tintin
Whiles Praye tiatia was conspicuously M.I.A. on the night; his bandmates were in full attendance. Eugene is obviously the more reserved one and knows how get his swag on without doing too much. Tenten on the other hand needs some lessons or atleast on this occasion he did not quite cut it with his shiny silk purple shirt! Whiles it may have sufficed, the addition of his usual bling bling apparel was what prevented him from not getting on this list.

Jeremie may have named him the best dressed guy on the night, but even though it may all have been done on a good concept, the yaaro’s  suit was little too shiny to say the least and that’s what   got him on this list. In the words of a journalist friend, it looked like “a James brown disco dress.”

Pappi refuses to let go of the celebrity flex though he’s hardly one anymore. He’s been known to over-do the hiphop swag thing a little too much and this was no different. The apparel was pretty ok, pimpin’ it out with white on white t-shirt and jeans plus a pair of white trainers to match. Nyc. And then he decides to pull the jeans right down to where his outplace boxers [colour unknown] managed to take the shine away from his act. 

In particular order………………………..
This young man may not be as successful or as famous as his label boss but he certainly knows how to lay it down nicely. He looked absolutely suave and lustrous in a nicely fitting black suit [with no shiny stuff!] over a white shirt, black petticoat and a red silk tie that added  just the right touch of color to the young man’s look . The ladies certainly had a thrill staring wide eyedat and coveting him…..u say wetin! 

Jay Town
The former No. 2 emcee Africa looked sleek in a white shirt and a tie with a grey petticoat over a pair of jeans and black plain soles. Jay Town made it hear for keeping it simple and elegant.
Miss Jeremy Van-Garshong [a.k.a Mrs. Jay Foley, in certain quarters] is not only very good on the microphone but certainly has very good fashion sense. She had on a pink one piece dress with a black belt and a pair of elegant high heels. The dress hugged her body in all the right places and gave her the kind of elegant look that most ladies would covet.

Jay Foley
It is just mere coincidence that He should be named after her because Foley doesn’t allow himself to be outdone by his sweetheart. Going all out for black[it might just be his favorite color] , His fitting black suit over a black gray striped shirt and a pair of matching black- gray striped Fred Perry plain soles made him one of the very best men in the room . Miss Jeremy watch your back!!!

 Nana Boroo
He may be a one hit wonder, but you have to appreciate this guy’s fashion sense. He seems to be following in the steps of the likes of K.O.D and KKD with his knack for eccentric [and sometimes over-the-top apparel] colors. On this night, he was right on point with a creamy-yellowish [with touches of red] “fugu” like attire on sleek black shoes. Baabiaa Awu!

Eugene [Praye], MzBel, D-Black, and Abortion [4X4] also laid it down real fly on the night.



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